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JAMES HAYES : "BALL!" : 2003 - 2005
"BALL!" 2003 - 2005

I had been working on the plans for this set of figures for some time, and finally made time to create a working model during the Umha Aois 2003 project on Rathlin Island. See the Umha Aois website for more details on that project. The final figures are all cast in bronze.

The original ceramic parent figures are hand modelled, then glazed in a charcoal fire. The glaze is created using a type of salt (borax) which I sprinkled onto the red hot figures in the fire. As the borax melts and fuses with the clay it absorbs the vapours of molten bronze creating colours ranging from blue-green through to reds and browns. The bronze is melted in the parent figures, they are used as crucibles, then the baby and ball were poured. This is the same process I used in the previous set of figures (see Paternity Suite ).

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Ball Fountain by James Hayes Ball Fountain by James Hayes
Ball by James Hayes Ball by James Hayes
Baby by James Hayes Mother by James Hayes
Patina Father by James Hayes


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