Chapter 1:
Internet Art
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Digital Weakness
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Introduction Internet technology and history of development is introduced, and various areas of impact are raised for discussion. Chapter 1 - Internet Art A look at how the Internet is being taken on as a new medium for creative expression. A cross-section of Internet Art practices are surveyed, focussing on digital artwork unique to the Internet. Chapter 2 - Institutions Major and minor Art institutions alike have jumped on the Internet bandwagon. A look at how these Art institutions are responding to the public's demand for Internet content. Chapter 3 - Digital Weakness An in-depth look at the dangers and pitfalls of this relatively untried technology as it concerns the artistic community. Conclusion The tremendous ongoing impact of the Internet is discussed. It is shown that the Internet has and will continue to be an indespensable tool and a unique creative medium. Table of Figures


Glossary of Terms
by James Hayes
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