Paternity Suite Video and Sculpture Installation by James Hayes
Paternity Suite by James Hayes (Installation view)

The viewer enters through curtains into an alcove which looks onto a darkened room. The room is draped in floor to ceiling black curtains. A 9 foot tall welded metal sculpture is situated in front of and slightly to the right of the viewer, about 5 feet away. A video is projected across the room from behind the viewer's right to the far left hand and back curtained wall, overlapping the sculpture on its way. The video consists of a rhythmic pulsing flame shooting out sideways from the left, accompanied by a loud wooshing sound synchronised to the flame - the breathing and heartbeat like sound of a bellows. The sculpture is figurative in proportions, very tall and slender, bearing at its own "chest height" a circular saw blade etched with the image of a satellite photo of a developing storm. The sculpture is composed entirely of layered welded steel rods of varying thicknesses, giving a vertical emphasis to the whole form, which is counter balanced by the wheel of the saw blade, and the horizontal actions of the projected video flames.
approximately 4 m cube
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Cradle by James Hayes Installation by James Hayes
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Pageant by James Hayes Pageant by James Hayes
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Legacy by James Hayes Rhythm by James Hayes